July 1, 2016 @ Pineridge Grouse Camp

Posted by Jerry Havel, Pineridge Grouse Camp on 1st Jul 2016

July 1, 2016 @ Pineridge Grouse Camp

For some reason July 1st at Pineridge is like a fresh start. January 1 and any first of the month can be as well. But July 1st is it for PGC. We have such a busy spring with puppies flushing woodcock and thinking they know what they are doing. Newly trained woodcock banders have left to chase the little guys around all corners of the state. Drumming. Drumming is in full Mozart mode. It’s been a great spring for both grouse and woodcock broods and around this time they start showing on the road side and trails at the camp. Little grouse chicks strutting like a big male, until they see the Kubota and fly like the little puff balls. Things slow down on July 1 and we get ready for the upcoming season. It could be the heat that slows us a bit. The projects we need to finish like the new roading rig or moving the bunk houses. Cleaning the guide room is usually last on this list but we tackled it early this spring and stocked it with a fresh bottle of Weiser's so the guides can find the room with ease to clean the day’s harvest. July 1st is a new beginning.

As things slows down and we wrap up the "15 minute" projects it gives me a chance to reflect on a few things before the 4th. How lucky we are to be able to celebrate our rights and be proud of our country. I don't need to remind people about all the "stuff" going on in our communities and around the world. I take pause in thinking of the good things I have to be thankful for because of our great country. My beautiful wife and kids, my health, a second chance and everything that we take for granted on a daily basis. I love sharing Pineridge with new friends that turn into family after a few hours talking about bird dogs, guns and all things upland. That's what it’s all about this July 4th. This is just a reminder that is should be every day, not just on holidays.

Happy 4th of July!

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